Senior Big Data Analyst July 2018 - Present  |  Consultant  |  The Netherlands

  • Supporting the world’s leading independent tank storage company (Royal Vopak) with data engineering for their data lake initiative.
  • Data modelling and data engineering consulting for a large European telecom operator, supporting a new Data Lake initiative, as well as enabling ETL and BI initiatives.
  • Data analysis and internal GDPR review for a corporate client.
  • Scientometric analysis of EU-funded initiatives for a European Commission project.

Senior Product Analyst  at  eBay Classifieds Group February 2016 - April 2018 (2+ years)  |  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Supporting central and local teams around the globe (Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, etc.) with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data analysis. Facilitating the data flow and data interoperability between BU headquarters (Netherlands) and global data repositories and teams (China, US, Germany).
  • Investigating data trends and mapping user behaviour and fraud patterns. Promoting and increasing the awareness of performance metrics and supporting platform optimisations. Pushing forward the data-driven capabilities within the B2B and B2C shared services & technology teams. Building and coordinating ETL jobs and data aggregations to be used further down the data processing pipeline.

Data Scientist  at  BigAlgo March 2015 - February 2016 (1 year)  |  Owner  |  The Netherlands

  • Developing a software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service solution for automated machine learning, data analysis, and business intelligence.

Data Analyst January 2011 – March 2015 (4+ years)  |  Consultant  |  The Netherlands & Germany

  • Part of a longitudinal analysis on publications and patents of projects funded by the European Commission under FP7, I provided data management and data extraction support, sampling and benchmarking insights, as well as a pattern analysis on the evolution of keywords and key phrases over time and across countries.
  • I developed data integration solutions, extracting data from various data sources, transforming and standardizing data, building data models, and loading the combined information into new databases and analytics tools.
  • Developed the collaborative recommender engine inside an educational curriculum planning application, which matches the academic profiles of students with Master programs around the world. Also, developed a hybrid recommender system, combining content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, and demographic filtering.

Software & Database Developer October 2007 – November 2013 (6+ years)  |  Contractor  |  Germany

  • Facilitated by smart acquisition and processing of data, I developed various business metrics, dashboards, and analytics tools.
  • Have developed various data migration solutions, helping clients keep access to old business data while changing software vendors. I developed extract-transform-load tools to migrate enterprise resource planning legacy data, as well as ETL tools to migrate bug tracking data from vendor-specific data structures.
  • Helped my customers adapt various tools to fit their manufacturing workflows, by finding the right balance between already available time-tested solutions and building new custom functionality.

Software Developer July 2006 – August 2007 (1+ year)  |  Contractor  |  Germany & Romania

  • Have created various database front-end interfaces, for the storage, retrieval, and analysis of business data, in the form of content management systems and business intelligence dashboards.
  • Developed a geographically-distributed and provider-agnostic content delivery network infrastructure and load balancing functionality.

Software Developer 2005  |  Intern  |  Germany

  • Developed a templating tool for the generation of dynamic folder and file structures based on user input, including naming patterns, templating of various document formats, automatic data insertion, and automatic form filling.

Hardware Testing and Benchmarking 2004  |  Intern  |  Romania

  • Performed hardware performance tests and troubleshooting of hardware/software performance issues.